I’ve wanted to create an Ariel costume for a while, so I’m glad I finally did it this year! It wasn’t the type of costume to stand out in a crowd because Ariel is done so much. I still enjoyed wearing it and I really was pleased with the way it turned out!


I already had a red wig from a few years ago when I was poison ivy, so I just wore that again. I bought it online from a store in China. It was inexpensive, but it did take about three or four weeks to ship. I bought a purple sparkly flower and a starfish from Michaels. I glued the starfish on top of the flower and I bobby pinned it to the wig.


I bought a purple bra from target for about $15. I bought a shell bra online for about $3 and I cut the sting off of it so I was left with two shells. I painted the shells with about three coats of purple acrylic paint. When the paint dried, I hot glued pearls and gems on the bottom part of the shells. Then I hot glued the shells to the bra.


I bought all types of green material from JoAnn’s. I got a dark green spandex material for the main part of the skirt. I also bought green tulle, green sequence fabric, and iridescent/sheer fabric (total cost was about $30). I traced my body on the green spandex fabric and sewed it. Next, I cut the tulle, sequence, and iridescent fabric into big triangles and individually sewed them on the bottom of the skirt. At the top I sewed the green sequence fabric to resemble Ariel’s skirt. Making the skirt took a lot of time especially because I’m not an experienced sewer but when it was finally done, I really liked the way it turned out.


I wore bright red lip stain from Sephora and it matched my wig perfectly! I also shaded my eyebrows in with red eye shadow, and I wore fake lashes to complete the look.