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Coolest Ariel the Little Mermaid Halloween Costume

Ariel from The Little Mermaid Cosplay 

There’s a video at the bottom of the post if you guys are interested to know a little bit more about my Ariel cosplay.

I’ve always wanted to be Ariel ever since I could remember and finally my dream had came true. I believe this outfit took about a year to complete all together. I designed the fin myself and had it custom made by the wonderful Giulia Presti from Italy! As for the seashell bra I also had my friend, Ethan Stewart to help me create this beautiful sea shell bra come to life. so as for the costume making most of the credits goes to my frienda.  I only did a little add on to the fin and the bra to have that specific looks that I was aiming for….

I recently discovered that my design had been stolen from another shop on Etsy, after a year my outfit was completed, I still love my outfit I just wished someone would had ask before using my design….

My Ariel wig
Since I did not want to dye my hair at the time, I thought about buying a wig would be easier and less to spend. I looked through Ebay and found a perfect wig . I was a little worried about the color and quality before buying but, when I received the actual product through the mail,  it was simply wonderful! The quality was great and the color of the wig was fantastic. I was a happy costumer ! to make the wig look more similar to Ariel’s hair I styled the bangs with hairspray, took a long time but it was worth it.

My Ariel Costume Fin
My second mission was to find someone with talent, because I had no experience sewing. I looked around on the internet to find someone that took commissions and I found this wonderful lady from Italy , Giulia Presti ! The fact that I found her on deviant art, I believe was very lucky. She had so many amazing cosplay costumes for me to look at, it was then I thought , she was going to make my costume! It took about 3 months to have the costume made but, when I received the outfit it was indescribably gorgeous! till this day I can’t stop wearing it when I get the chance. Thank you Giulia Presti!

My Ariel Seashell Bra 
My third mission was to create my Ariel seashell bra. I looked online to see what was available but turns out that everything that was to offer online was too expensive! There were a couple of great ones out there, but I had another option in mind. My friends!  One of my friend’s at the time, Cody Fields, came up with an idea that we should use clay, but it turned out being way to heavy and it also broke easily. So my other friend Ethan Stewart said that it would work better to make them out of foam and then covered with fiberglass resin to make them hard and smooth. which worked wonderfully !

Total Cost about $300


Back up Ariel Tutu 

I did not make this item…..I saw this tutu at Down Town Disney in Florida and thought it was perfect because my original Ariel costume was kind of a pain to pick up the dress while walking, so this tutu became my best friend and I’m so glad I found this ! Here’s the funny story, lol, this tutu was from the little kids section and I was like, aww, maybe I could wear the tutu that’s in medium to large size. Turns out that I couldn’t  fit in them and the reason for it was because Disney was discontinuing them. I was so lucky to find one and it has help me a lot.



Coolest Ariel the Little Mermaid Halloween Costume

Coolest Ariel the Little Mermaid Halloween Costume

Coolest Ariel the Little Mermaid Halloween Costume

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