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40+ Cool Homemade Ursula Costumes for Halloween

As a sea witch, Ursula slays. She uses her powerful octopus body and dynamic tentacles to enhance her commanding personality. You must take a look at all the women and girls modeling their Ursula costumes with the boldness Ursula herself would be proud of.

First of all, it is amazing to see how the women here have used makeup to transform themselves into Ursula’s expressive face.

Second of all, you will learn all the tricks and tips in order to create fantastic tentacles of your own.

In addition, these are no ordinary octopus costumes! After viewing this section, you will be inspired to create your own interpretation of this incredible villain.

So, angel fish, if you are still contemplating being a Disney princess this Halloween, think again. There is a strong chance you will chance your mind after seeing this breathtaking collection of homemade Ursula costumes.

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