Cool DIY Ursula The Sea Witch Halloween Costume

Ursula The Sea Witch

We had a very last minute Halloween costume contest a work a few years back so I threw together this Ursula costume the evening before with random things I had lying around the house. It took me a few hours to pull together but I was pleasantly surprised with the end result. I even ended … Read more

My Dad is Ursula?!

My Dad is Ursula?!

Well to begin with this whole process of making my dad into Ursula was enjoyable! My mother and I painted and cut each octopus leg that are made with cardboard. We assembled the legs glueing them to a ski that we painted black. My dad has natural short hair so he fit this character perfectly … Read more

Homemade Bad-Girl Ursula Costume

Bella is "Bad-Girl Ursula"

The last costume I made was over 20yrs. My 3yr old niece wanted to be “Bad-girl Ursula. I had no clue until she showed me pictures, it took me 2mos. to come up with a design and make the octopus legs look real. I got bumpy material cut it in octopus shape, sew opposite sides … Read more

Easy, Cheap and Amazing Little Mermaid Family Costume

Easy, Cheap and Amazing Little Mermaid Family Costume

My Little girl really wanted to be a mermaid for Halloween- I don’t like buying things that everyone else can go out and buy, I love to be original. Mermaid, mermaid I started thinking! What could we all be? That’s it… THE LITTLE MERMAID! The wheels started turning. I knew right away that my baby … Read more

Cool DIY Ursula Sea Witch Costume for a Girl

Cool DIY Ursula Sea Witch Costume for a Girl

Here’s how our Ursula Sea Witch costume came to life. I try to make or customize my daughters costume each year, I love for her to feel special and stand out from the crowd. This year she asked to be Ursula, she loves villains. I found on this website my template and tweaked a few … Read more

Fantastic Female Disney Villains Group Costume

Fantastic Female Disney Villains Group Costume

The Concept: Females are complex creatures, our varying emotions are deep and honest, and we act from our hearts. We protect who we love with out regret, and you can never love anyone if you do not love yourself. No matter how sweet of a soul you are, if you are a lady, you have … Read more

Ursula Costume – “Prettiest FAT Girl in the Sea!”


Hi my name is Diavion and I chose to do this costume because URSULA is the prettiest FAT girl in the sea, so I thought this would be fitting. #plussizerepresentationmatters I had a BLAST creating this costume and I hope you got a kick out of this like I did :)

Cool Homemade Ursula Costume

Poor unfortunate souls

Honestly, this homemade costume was pretty difficult to make.  My mind is creative, but my body and skills just can’t keep up.  I had no pattern, but there are plenty of helpful sites out there that gave me some ideas.  So I got started on my Ursula costume.  It was definitely trial and error.  It was … Read more

Coolest Ursula the Glitzy Sea With Costume

Ursula the glitzy sea witch

Ursula is my favorite Disney villain of all time and I wanted to embody her spirit in my own way this Halloween. Ursula and I have similar figures and (sometimes) personalities so it was only right to dress up as her. Until recently, I never knew how to sew and eventually taught myself enough to … Read more

Awesome DIY Steampunk Ursula Costume is Making Waves

steampunk ursula costume

This creation of this Steampunk Ursula costume has been filled with a lot of firsts. From leather and metal working, to playing with UV lighting and reactive paint. To creating a voice activated light up seashell. And even making two sets of tentacles – one from pool noodles, the other from toy snakes and wire. … Read more

Fabulous Homemade Ursula Costume

Ursula costume

I loved The Little Mermaid as a child, and being a plus size gal, I’ve always been drawn to Ursula. I never thought of her as a villain, just the product of her environment. This Halloween, I really wanted to finally wear a “sexy ______” costume and what’s better than a sexy cerulean! Hence, my … Read more