Cool Tinkerbell Costume

My littlest girl wanted to be Tinkerbell last year. We didn’t like the fluffy costume you could buy in the store so we made our own Tinkerbell costume.

I found a green nighty at Goodwill and shortened the straps to fit better. The bottom was chopped up into ragged points. The wings were left over from another fairy costume. We spray painted them blue.

The shoes were some cheap slip-ons I got at the dollar store. We used green fabric dye on these (careful, they left her feet green). I then sewed a blue pompom on each (they could also be hot glued).

Total Spent: $10

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4 thoughts on “Cool Tinkerbell Costume”

  1. I love the costume! I would never have thought to look for a used green nightgown! You gave me a great idea, I am off to search for the stuff you did. Thank you, my Granddaughter will be thrilled!


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