Cool Tinkerbell Costume

Tinkerbell Costume

My littlest girl wanted to be Tinkerbell last year. We didn’t like the fluffy costume you could buy in the store so we made our own Tinkerbell costume. I found a green nighty at Goodwill and shortened the straps to fit better. The bottom was chopped up into ragged points. The wings were left over … Read more

Coolest Homemade 50s Costume

50s Poodle Skirt  Sock Hop Girl Costume

This costume was really simple. I took an old curtain and made a large circle skirt with an elastic waist. I found a color page with a picture of a poodle. I traced the poodle onto a piece of white felt. I then hand stitched the poodle onto the skirt with black thread. I wanted … Read more

Coolest Mother Superior Costume

Mother Superior Costume

Last year I was a nun for Halloween. This Mother Superior costume required a lot of sewing. The main gown of the Habit was a long black gown. I made mine, but a graduation gown or something from a witch or grim reaper could be used. Next came the white collar. I used a pattern … Read more

Coolest Homemade Indian Costume

Homemade Indian Girl Costume

I had tons of fun making this Indian costume. I started with some fake suede from the fabric store. I used a shirt as the template for the top. It fitted like a vest and was all one piece. I didn’t want to have any stitching so it would be more authentic. I cut long … Read more