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Coolest Homemade Indian Costume

I had tons of fun making this Indian costume.

I started with some fake suede from the fabric store. I used a shirt as the template for the top. It fitted like a vest and was all one piece. I didn’t want to have any stitching so it would be more authentic. I cut long strips on the sides and front. The strips had wooden beads slipped on about every third or fourth one. The strips were then tied together to form the top.

The bottom had to be sewn. I made a simple skirt with elastic in the waist. I then cut a long rectangle of the fabric. This also had long strips on both ends. Beads were put on some of the strips.

The long fabric went from the outside of the skirt in the front, down the belly inside the skirt, between the legs, up the back side, and back out of the skirt. This gave the loin cloth affect, but still had her covered with the skirt.

For the shoes we used a pair of flip flops she already had. I used brown yarn and a large sewing needle. I sewed more of the brown fabric onto the flip flops. The yarn was actually passed through the sides of the flip flops and then through the fabric. The tops were wrapped around the ankle then tied on with more brown yarn.

The head dress is a simple brown stretchy head band with some feathers stuck in.

She made her own arrow pouch with a piece of leather cord and an old wrapping paper tube.

Total spent? Around 10 bucks on the fabric.

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