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Coolest Twin Boy Cowboy and Indian Costumes

These Cowboy and Indian costumes were for my twins, I basically put together the cowboy costume from different items I searched for and bought, some retail and some thrift store. I am not a big fan of out-of-the-bag costumes and never have been.

I did make the Indian costume, I just purchased a suede looking women’s dress from a thrift store in the color I wanted, for about 4 dollars, and picked it apart with a seam picker to use the material. I am in no way a seamstress, I only sew costumes because I have never actually been taught to sew properly nor have I used a pattern, I just sort of “wing it” and hope for the best. I used a waist size piece elastic and sewed two pieces of material on it to put the front and back little loincloths on over the pants separately, the pants also had an elastic waist.

I made the vest and added two pieces of leather ties with some craft beads. I just cut the bottom of the material to fray it. I had the moccasins already (they were my older sons when he was a baby and about 14 years old). I used a craft feather and a bandanna from a bulk party favor pack. It was pretty simple but I think they looked pretty cute :)

Indian Costume

Cowboy Costume

Indian Costume

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