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Awesome DIY Indian Costume and War Bonnet

This Tiger Lilly Indian costume and war Bonnet was inspired by a Victoria Secret Fashion Show. I made it out of only five materials (duct tape, feathers, leather cord, ribbon and beads)

Shopping List:

  • 1 foam cowboy hat
  • 1 bag of hot glue sticks
  • hot glue gun
  • 1 bag red pony beads
  • 1 bag blk pony beads
  • 1 bag wht pony beads
  • 1 roll thick black duck tape
  • 2 rolls mini white duck tape
  • 1 pack of black leather cord
  • 1 thick roll of tribal inspired ribbon (JoAnns)
  • 2 – 1 yard strips of white feather trim
  • 3 packs white goose feathers

I went into Michaels, not sure where to start, and decided to start with the base. Having read many articles and watching YouTube videos on how to make a traditional Indian War Bonnet, I knew a quicker and cheaper possibility had to be out there. I grabbed the most structurally sound item to build my feathers off of. I went with a brown foam kids cowboy hat out of the foam section.

I grabbed a few bags of these fake eagle feathers (ranging from 6-8 inches) to go with the alarming amount i ordered online in a wave of Pre-Halloween excitement.

Such a fun Indian costume, and the hat is great to pass around at the party. We even made a drinking game out of it!! Hope you have a happy Halloween!!

Awesome DIY Indian Costume and War Bonnet

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