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Coolest Homemade Infant Indian Costume

For my 5 month old’s first Halloween I thought a little homemade infant Indian costume would be great. I started with dyeing a long sleeved one-z, cotton pants, hat and socks a tan color. I purchased faux suede, fringe and a southwest patterned ribbon. I sewed a bib adding fringe and trim to the edges.

For his pants I turned the cotton pants inside out and sewed the faux suede over them at the elastic making them double in thickness and adding warmth. Then edged in fringe and southwest trim. I made simple covers for his mittens and the moccasins were bought at a local big box store. Additional trim was used to make a headband lined with satin ribbon. Feathers and a turquoise/silver Native American charm were hand-sewn on its side. It was held in place with velcro.

The papoose was a pre-fabricated front style carrier I already had. I safety pinned a darker faux suede to the front. An old rabbit fur collar I found in the bottom of my fabric bin was tied on with leather cording.

For myself I wore a brown shirt then put on my papoose. A brown jacket with fringe and turquoise beads safety pinned down the sleeves was worn over. It covered the straps of the baby carrier. I dyed a white skirt brown and added feathers to the drawstrings. A headband made of southwest trim and 2 white feathers representing my children finished off the look.

This homemade infant Indian costume was fun and warm enough to go trick or treating. A comfy baby makes for a cute costume!

Homemade Infant Indian Costume

Homemade Infant Indian Costume

Homemade Infant Indian Costume

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