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Coolest Cowboy Boot Costume

Last year I found out there was a costume contest at work and the prize was 50$, well me being the crafter that I am I thought I would enter. I knew in order to win I’d have to be something recognizable but something out of the ordinary.

Well living in Texas I thought hey, why not be a cowboy boot. To make this Homemade Cowboy Boot Costume I used Elmer’s glue, glitter staples, an old belt, hot glue, foil, a wire hanger and a 3x t-shirt. I ended up spending 6.48 on this costume and I won the 50. Most of the supplies I had, the only thing I bought was the 3x t. All I did was cut the boot shape out on the t-shirt. Then hot glued and stapled the seams together careful to leave armholes and the bottom of the t-shirt open. Then to make the boot tip stand out I sewed the hanger along the seam and hot glued the tips of the hanger so it wouldn’t scratch me. Then using the left over sleeve I made a little boot strap at the top of the boot.

The Spur is an old belt I had, hot glued on with the foil spur. Then I just decorated with glitter and hot glued some sequins. This was super easy with hardly any sewing, mostly hot glue.

Hope you like my random but awesome boot. Sorry that I don’t have pictures of me actually making it, I found out kind of last minute, I did try to draw some instructions of what I did. If you have any questions let me know.

Homemade Cowboy Boot Costume

Homemade Cowboy Boot Costume

Homemade Cowboy Boot Costume

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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