Coolest Homemade Chuck Wagon Cowboy Halloween Costume

I love Halloween and was so excited to make a costume this year for my 16 month old grandson River! I hope he finds a love for Halloween…just like his mom and mumsy (which is what he calls me)!

River loves horses, so I thought he would make a Homemade Chuck Wagon Cowboy Halloween Costume which worked out great for trick or treating because I just pushed him around in it all day and he had a blast!

I handmade his cowboy outfit, chaps, vest & shirt.
I purchased the cowboy hat, spurs, boots, bandanna and holster with guns.

I converted an old garden cart into his fabulous covered wagon! I added a seat, footrest and straps to hold him in. The covered wagon part, I sewed and ran through flexible piping (which made the curve) and attached to wagon. I took a horse off an old rocking horse toy and attached with PVC piping to wagon, complete with reigns and all! The horse even bobbed up and down like he was trotting!

We added a triangle which he would hit when it was time for dinner, a water jug, sacks of flour and beans!

Come and get it! Yee Ha

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