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Cowboy vs Indian in One Costume

I am a Halloween fanatic it is my favorite holiday and every year I try to come up with something that no one else would think of and that I can make myself.  I also like the shock factor in a costume and this one difinitly got a lot of attention! This costume took me about 15 hours to make, it was a lot of work but the reactions I got made it all worth while.  First I cut an old pair of jeans down the middle leaving the waste band so they wouldn’t fall off then I cut the shirt in half attaching the back in my jeans with a safety pin and then double sided tape to keep in on my body.

I bought a women’s pair of brown pants at the goodwill along with the jacket and shirt.  I used the brown pants to create a moccasin that I pulled over my boot and decorated with fur and beads. I also used the brown pants to make the neck tie and loin cloth. I cut a cowboy hat in half leaving the band attached so it wouldn’t fall of my head and then decorated the band with feathers.  I also used some of the fur to make briefs that I had on under the loin cloth. I had to sew the neck tie to the shirt and the loin cloth to the pants.

I wore this to a Halloween party and everyone said it was the best costume they have ever seen and that I should try to enter some contests, my wife also posted some pictures from the party and we keep getting messages about how great and creative the costume is and how we should enter it in some contests.  I definitely think this is my best costume yet!

Cowboy vs Indian in One Costume

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