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Coolest Little Chief Homemade Halloween Costume

Our grandson Dallas is wearing an Indian Chief that was made from many of his grandfather’s hunting trophies. We always begin early Oct so we can enjoy the entire month with the kids.

Dallas head dress is made from the feathers of 3 wild turkeys. The feathers were glued to a leather strap then rabbit fur was glued on the edge to cover the feather tips. A small leather strap was tied across the top of his head to the main strap to keep the head dress on.

The outfit was sewn by me by using an Indian costume pattern from Walmart. The collar was made from rabbit fur and the loin cloth was made from buckskin. The bow was cut and sanded from a small tree in our yard. Although it is not present in the photos we also made his trick or treat bag by sewing two full rabbit hides together and connecting a small leather strap to a small set of deer horns for the handle.

I have always made my children’s costume, the time we spend with each other making it creates memories they will never forget. Halloween is even more special for our grandson Dallas. His mom’s birthday is Oct 31st and although she wasn’t here in body she was in spirit helping, guiding and inspiring us to create such a great costume for her baby.

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