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Cool Homemade Native Indian Costume

This is my Native Indian costume. It took me about a week to make, doing a few hours here and there.

The dress was a mustard XL Men’s tshirt. I started by cutting the neckline because it was really high and uncomfortable, I then cut the sleeves off because they were too big and didn’t look right. I also had an XL Men’s white T-shirt and used this for the tassels. I cut loads of 1 inch strips out and then sewn them all around the bottom of the tshirt. I then drew on a ‘V’ shape and then sewn some more 1 inch strips down that line.

I bought the head dress for £4 from a fancy dress shop. The things in my hair are just two 50p feathers that I also bought from the fancy dress shop. The belt is just longer strips of the tshirt knotted together amd the lines on face were done with felt tip. I teamed it with snow boots (It was March, there was snow on the ground), luckily they were a similar colour and fitted quite well.

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