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Coolest Homemade Cowboys and Natives Halloween Costume

My 2 years old’s love for his cowboy hat and “doots” as he refers to his boots were the inspiration for this year’s Homemade Cowboys and Natives Halloween Costume.

For the little deputy I first bought cow print fabric and a faux suede. I sewed a reversible vest so he could use it for playing dressup at a later date and also for added warmth. I used the reversed salvaged edge at the breast to mimic fringe. For his little cheekless chaps I simply cut out cow print fabric and tacked directly onto an old pair of jeans. His belt was 3 strips of 1/2 inch fabric edging sewn together with a decorative stitch to resemble a leather belt. The belt buckle was found at a thrift store and was sewn directly to the belt. A blue bandanna cut in half,his hat,boots and spurs found at a Halloween store for 2 dollars completed the look. A sewn burlap loot bag was his candy bag.

For our little native American baby I wanted something warm enough for a Midwestern Halloween and to also incorporate my love for baby wearing. I took a long sleeved one-z,cotton pants, pilot cap and socks and dyed them a tan color. I made a simple bib, edged it in fringe and finished it with a southwest trim. For his pants I turned the cotton pants inside out and sewed the faux suede over them at the elastic making them double in thickness and adding warmth. Then edged in fringe and southwest trim. Using Velcro, trim and feathers I made the headdress. After making one for myself to wear I noticed it was itchy so additionally lined it with a satin ribbon.

The papoose was a pre fabricated front style carrier I already had. I safety pinned a darker faux suede to the front. Then an old rabbit pelt was tied on with leather cording.

For myself an old white skirt dyed brown with added feathers to the drawstrings,fringe pinned to a jacket and a headband with feathers.

For the little maiden I dyed a turtle neck tan. Made a simple shawl, added the decorative edging and fringe. Her skirt was also sewn onto the elastic of a cozy pair of pants and trimmed in the same fashion as the native babies pants.

We used a red wagon with canopy to make our covered wagon. I used masking tape on the body to resemble wood. For the canopy a folded white bed sheet and safety pins. Bows made of leather cording gave the appearance of a rolled up wagon cover. For the large back wheels, cardboard covered with brown paper bags and black tape to create spokes. They were held in place with a short shower rod covered in tape, this helped so they could dangle but not be in the way if the functioning wheels beneath. A cheap pot and some extra fabric over a bag were also added to the back of the wagon.

All in all this was a super fun costume to make. The southwest trim got a little pricey (it adds up fast). I believe I spent around 100 dollars making the costumes but for the hobby of sewing and the adorable result it was worth it!

Homemade Cowboys and Natives Halloween Costume

Homemade Cowboys and Natives Halloween Costume

Homemade Cowboys and Natives Halloween Costume

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