Coolest Peter Pan Costume

For Halloween 2011, we did a Peter Pan theme.  Our 5-year-old son chose to be Peter Pan and he was spectacular!

To make his shirt, I used bright green cotton fabric and traced around one of his existing t-shirts.  I cut the zigzag design around the sleeves and bottom and I left a collar on the top. For the pants, I took stretchy dark green fabric and sewed elastic in the top and sewed the legs into pants.

His hat is made from felt. We took two dark green pieces and cut a large enough triangle to fit his head.  Then we glued the top two sides of the triangle together, leaving the bottom open for him to wear.  I cut out a red felt feather and fabric glued that on. I found a Tinkerbell iron-on patch at the store and added that to his sleeve (since we didn’t have anyone dressed up as Tinkerbell).

He didn’t have any brown shoes so I took brown fabric and made shoe covers.  His look was completed with a brown belt and small plastic dagger.


TOTAL TIME: 1 hour

Coolest Peter Pan Costume

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