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Coolest Homemade Grannie Wolf Carrying Little Red Riding Hood Costume

My husband and I came up with the idea of a Grannie Wolf carrying Little Red Riding Hood costume after searching for numerous ideas online, including previous submissions from this website. The original idea was inspired by one of the previous winners: the Mother Carrying a Baby costume. To make it more challenging, we decided to incorporate two people into our costume, thus creating an illusion.

We needed an XXL nightgown, but it was impossible to find one. We decided to make our own gown, and asked our aunt to help sew it for us. We wanted to make the wolf big and tall. To accomplish that, we bought 4×4 blocks, nails, and metal plates at Home Depot and made an 8″ platform for my husband to stand on.

Next, we bought polyfil to stuff my tights and create the legs. To make the basket, we used a small to medium-sized box, cut one side, and added velcro to strap it around my hips. The red fabric and the cloak were used to cover our work. A small hole was cut on the front side of the dress for my feet to go through. The most challenging part of our costume was the part where we had to sync our walking patterns.

We bought the wolf mask and gloves for my husband to wear. To make the costume look more realistic, we made a shower cap for him and gave him a pair of reading glasses to wear. A total of twelve hours was spent to make this costume.

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