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Coolest Homemade Addams Family Group Costume

Our Family has been participating and have won first place three years in a row in our city Upland Ca Scare Affair Halloween costume contest. Last year we decided to dress up as The Addams Family. The winner to our costumes was our 5″6 Cousin It with hair to the floor. Mortisha Me dyed my hair black for authenticity and the baby had a mustache and a black Vintage Buggy to be pushed in. We had thing holding on to the stroller along with the music. Wednesday and Gomez my husband had a suit tailored to fit cut the stash and wore a top hat.

Cousin It costume:
2 6ft long wigs I sewed together by hand to keep in place. I also made yellow pants and yellow (blonde looking) under garments so it could blend. Plastic Velvet Bowler hat.

I bought two black velevet dresses from our local thrift store and took half of them apart to sew on a train to the bottom to make it have the extra flare like Mortisha’s. Dyed my hair jet black and purchased extremely red lipstick.

Baby Addams:
I purchased a grey long sleeve shirt at our local thrift store, cut down the middle and sewed it to look clean then I added a hand cut out of the black velvet from the left over dress. Fabric a spider and sewed it to the jacket. His under outfit I purchased from Baby Gap on clearance. His vintage boot were from Janie and Jack. His Creepy Vintage carriage was purchased on Craigslist. Was made in 1914.

Wednesday I just altered, it was a boy’s pilgrims outfit and I made it into a dress.

Gomez Vintage suit purchased at our local thrift store and altered. His shoes were also vintage but my husband already owened those.

Homemade Addams Family Group Costume

Homemade Addams Family Group Costume

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