Every year I struggle from the same problem, “what should I be for Halloween?” I usually just go buy some costume and throw it on. But I think this year I went over the top!
My son has always had this obsession with Buzz Lighter, so when I asked what he wanted to be he said Buzz! But he wanted mommy to be Buzz too. I then realized they don’t have any “girly” Buzz Lightyears so I’d have to DIY it this year.

First I had to decide what kind of look, I wanted it to be adult, but not showing a lot of skin. I also considered the weather. I first decided on purple metallic leggings (Amazon.com), then ordered my jet pack, and my gloves (Amazon.com). I then had to decide what to do for a top. I decided to order a shiny corset and paint it. I bought fabric paint from Wal mart and after 4 coats the colors became vibrant. I then used foam paper to make all the buttons.

I used Popsicle sticks for the green red and blue, a cup for the big red, and I free handed the middle badge and the two purple rectangles and the badge that says “lightyear”. I used sticky foam paper so they would stick to the corset. I printed off the space ship thing for the middle and glued it to the foam. I ran into trouble though because the corset opened down the middle in the front so I used duct tape to hold it to the corset. Next for my boots I took an old white t shirt and cut it to fit the boot and used green duct tape to hold it together. I wanted my make up to coordinate my outfit so I used green and purple and silver. All together it cost about 60 dollars to make. Best 60 dollars ever spent. I was voted “best DIY costume ” at a local club. I was super stoked. People felt it was original but didn’t show to much, and definitely could tell i worked hard.

But aside from all that the best feedback was from my 3 year old son. I brought his super hero to life. Buzz Lightyear is so much more to us than just a cartoon character he respect strength, wisdom, bravery and most importantly ambition. I felt honored to put my own twist on my sons favorite character, after all my love for him is “To Infinity & Beyond”.