Cool DIY Couple Costume: Bride of Frankenstein and The Monster

My boyfriend and I love Halloween so we decided to dressed up as Frankensteins monster and the Bride of Frankenstein. We went to Value Village and got our clothing. I got an old wedding dress, which I cut up, and shredded.  By boyfriend bought a used suit, and an extended forehead wig which we had to pain green. We went to a costume shop for my wig and his fake hands, as well as face paint for both of us.

We watched YouTube tutorials to know how to enhance our cheek bones and give him the sunken eyes.  Both our costumes probably cost $100 each in the end but I think it was worth it. That night we won first place for best couples costume! It was a lot of work but we had fun planning and putting the costumes together. We had such a blast dressing up as something that was a little bit scary. The best part was that nobody else had the same costumes!