Dress: Goodwill $20- I modified it with some bling, added an additional puffed sleeve on each arm. I stuffed them with some fabric from hobby Lobby and old tulle that came on the veil for the dress. I sewed on a few gold appliques and sequins so it would look more like the dress from the movie. 

I used another cheap ($2) skirt to make another layer on the dress, and I sewed on some more iridescent fabric to the skirt part of the dress as well.

To puff out the dress I put bubble wrap around a belt and put it on under the dress. I barely fit in the car!

My shoes: $3, thrift store.

My hair accessories and dress bling: Hobby lobby, $10

My necklace: I made it years ago and added leftover stuff from my hairpiece on it.


Pants: crushed velvet stirrup pants via etsy $8.

Jacket: goodwill $4. (Below is how I added to it)

The base jacket: a women’s Dress Barn coat, then I added the sequinned parts from an old 90’s shirt via a thrift store. I sewed a piece of cardboard into the neckline to get it to stand up. I also sewed up the front parts of the jacket to make it more angled like a tux or band jacket style. I glued sequins and jewels to the shoulders and added some flare to the back of the jacket as well.

Ascot: silver lame` fabric, $3 and pin, $5. I just shaped the fabric like an ascot and pinned it on.

Belt: thrift store, $1.

Other wing dings on jacket: I already had them and just glued them on.

Wig: $6 online ( I added blue paint to it to match the blue highlights in movie.)

Faux knee high boots: $8 online. I used a black marker to cover up the skull and crossbones and added jewels to them.

Bell sleeves on jacket: I literally just cut them off of a kids dance costume I found at the thrift store. They had elastic in them, so he just put them on under the jacket like a bracelet.

Crystal ball: clear X-mas ornament via a thrift store, $1.

It was so fun piecing all of it together and figuring out how to make thrift store items into what I needed for these looks.