SHIRT – I already had a white shirt that I had been saving (for years) with this costume in mind. I sewed thrift store lace around the wrists but I ran out of lace for the collar… so … I took some white thrift store seam binding, cut some slits in it, strung some red ribbon through and sewed it to the collar. I found some lace/beaded embellishments at the craft store but they were about $7 for 4 small ones (beyond my budget). Instead, I took some lace that I already had, cut out the flowers, and sewed them to the inside of the sleeves (to “soften” the look of them). Then I stitched pinkish white sequins and clear beads over the flowers (on the outside of the shirt) to make it sparkle.

SKIRT – I bought a girls white quince ere dress at Goodwill for $10 and ripped it apart. I detached the corset top and pulled out the hard plastic that forms the corset (to use later for Mary’s red corset) then sewed the 3 layers of skirt together at the top and attached it to an elastic waistband. Like on the shirt, I took some lace that I already had, cut out the flowers, sewed them to the inside of the skirt, and stitched pinkish white sequins and clear beads over the flowers (on the outside of the skirt).

I added little red bows that I made from red ribbon (I used fray check on the end of the bows so they wouldn’t unravel) and added a red sequin and red bead to the middle of the bow when I stitched them on).

CORSET – I had some red silk fabric that I cut to shape (without a pattern), sewed the thick plastic (from the quince ere dress) to the back, sewed thin white ribbon down the front of the corset, and sewed a rock of eye hooks down the back to fasten the corset.

HAT – I bought an 80’s wedding hat from a thrift store for $5 that had a veil and ruffled tulle on it. I cut off the veil and repositioned the ruffled tulle, covered it with more tulle (using a stitch or two to keep the tulle in place) and added a couple red flowers from the craft store.

GLOVES – My sweet hubby went and bought white fingerless lace gloves for me at Party City for $6 the day of the party (to lessen my work load).

SHOES – Dingy thrift store shoes for $2.50 that I painted with white fabric paint then painted details on with pink sparkly fabric paint. I bought some red buttons to sew up the sides of the white knee-high socks (to make them look more like boots), but thought they looked better without them.

PARASOL – I found a plain white parasol for $9 at a costume shop, painted alternating sections with pink fabric paint, and stitched on white lace around the border.

HAIR – I put my hair in a low bun, left some hair out to curl, and then pinned it to the bun with bobby pins.

MAKEUP – Rosy red cheeks and red lipstick were the perfect finishing touches. So easy but went a long way!


SHIRT – Plain white men’s dress shirt (on hand).

PANTS – White thrift store pants (they were already short enough to show Burt’s blue socks so I didn’t have to alter them).

JACKET – I found a white jacket at a thrift store for $2.50 and painted stripes using fabric paint. Masking tape made this part A LOT easier and cleaner (the jacket was probably the most tedious and time-consuming part of the costume).

SOCKS – We bought some plain white cotton socks and dyed them “Bahama Blue.”

BOWTIE – I made the bowtie out of fabric and sewed a neck band that attached with stick-on Velcro.

SHOES – Tan suede thrift store shoes that I painted white with fabric paint.

HAT – We found a similar hat to Burt’s (guess where… yes, a thrift store), cut a few inches off around the brim and sealed with clear paint. I painted stripes on a thick, white silk ribbon with fabric paint (using masking tape) and attached it using hot glue.

GLOVES – These were just basic white fleece gloves we found for $1 at a craft store.

CANE – We found a cane at a thrift store and cleaned it up.

HAIR – My hubby is blonde so we darkened his hair with spray hair color from Sally’s Beauty Supply.

MAKEUP – I used eye shadow to darken his eyebrows to match his new brown hair.