Our family/ group costume!! =)

This is my hubby, our 3 boys,& myself dressed up as Beetlejuice characters!
I used homemade air dry clay to sculpt and create Harry the hunters shrunken head (which came out awesome). I attached it to a old bicycle helmet for my son to wear it easily. I found a beard in the Halloween section I cut up and glued to his head for his hair then us3d some craft paint and lots of modge podge to finish it. Last I glued stiches on his mouth to finish the look. All of our clothes came from goodwill or thrift stores! The voodoo witch doctors head piece was a face mask leopard cloth and feathers with a little bit of orange hair stripes. I made a grass skirt out of an old belt and grass from the craft section. With face paint and a skull necklace and bracelet to finish off the look. Beetlejuice was my youngest son (who is loves Beetlejuice btw) ;)