We love Beetlejuice! Harry the Hunter is sculpted by Edward, my boyfriend wearing the costume. He even made the clay used! He sculpted it over a plastic cup!  The eyes were plastic ping pong balls from the dollar store. He cut them in half and placed them in the clay before it set. Once dry he hand painted it.  Lots of details! He then secured it to a plastic hat purchased at a dollar store.

The inside of the shirt is constructed using cardboard. It is a large fabricated piece that sits on his shoulders with a hole for his actual face.  He can see through the maroon material that we use as a scarf.

I made his rifle out of layers of cardboard. It was decorated using permanent markers and paint pens.

The Voodoo Shaman is me. I created the headdress using cardboard, rafia, moss, and feathers. I hand painted the chest piece I purchased online. It’s made of a light foam. I made a spirit stick using a real tree branch, feathers, and beads. The skirt is made out of rafia and brown paper bag strips. I’m wearing a pouch made of faux leather filled with colored sand and glitter. I printed the cover of the Handbook for the Recently Deseaced and taped it over a $1 book. Most of our items were purchased at the Dollar Tree and Goodwill.

We entered and won the best group/duo costume contest at this year’s Wizard World Comic Con 2015 in Austin,  TX.  So many people kept stopping us for photos! So much that we never had time to enjoy Comic Con. It was very flattering though and we loved the attention and our 15 minutes of fame. People’s reaction were great.  “Wow!” “Best costume hands down! ” “I love that movie!” “Very cool! ” “How can you see?” “Did you make that? ” The attention was great.  Nothing but positive feedback.  We had a great time creating the costumes!