Amazing DIY Lego Man Costume

This year my seven year old son wanted to be Emmet from the Lego Movie! Finding that costume was going to be totally impossible. I went on total research mode and started getting my materials together. I decided to use as many materials around the house that I could find. I started with the head. I took a empty five gallon water jug and cut the top and bottom off for the head. I also cut an area out for the mouth, which worked perfect for my son to see and breath through.

I wanted for everything to be smooth and show very few imperfections, so I purchased sheets of craft foam and covered the head and created the hair. I used the duct tape to seal them all, so since they here different colors than the foam I used spray paint and covered them to have a solid color. With a lot of hot glue and a little black sheer fabric to go over the mouth, I came out with a very impressive Lego head. I then used lots of cardboard to build the body and legs. I had my son lay on top of the cardboard to determine size. I then used tape and glue and foam sheets to cover it all and sprayed all of those pieces. I then went crazy on details making the vest, shirt and name tag all using duct tape and foam.

So that it wouldn’t be uncomfortable, I lined the shoulders with thick foam. I purchased a blue shirt and made the Lego hands out of yellow coozies from the craft store. I glued cheap black gloves to the inside of the coozie to make sure he could keep the Lego hands on. This was a very intense costume but entirely worth all the time! Our friends and neighbors were blown away and people were stopping and taking pictures of him all night! They couldn’t believe how realistic he looked!