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Awesome Lego Movie Emmet Costume for a Child

This costume was extremely ambitious for me, as I have never actually made a costume before. I always just buy them, but there are no good Lego man costumes available, and my son wanted to be Emett! It took a while, and some trial and error.

After trips to multiple stores, I finally had most of my supplies: Two 12-inch foam wreaths, foam board, cardboard, poster-board, craft paint, spray paint, hot glue, masking tape, and Duct tape.

I started with the head, because I figured that would be the tricky part, and I thought I would just scratch the whole thing if the head didn’t turn out. For the head, I used two Styrofoam wreaths supported by strips of Styrofoam from the board to make them the correct distance apart. I printed off Emett’s actual face at the correct size and traced it onto the painted yellow poster board. I then had to determine if my son would be looking out of Emett’s mouth or eyes. I cut out the mouth and glued some white tulle to cover his mouth and still allow for my son to be able to see. I glued the poster board to the head and finished painting it.

Next was his body. I took measurements of the actual Emett Lego figurine, because I wanted to get close to the correct proportions.  I cut the front and back of the body, the two sides, then the top. I then cut out holes for the arms and head. I taped it all together inside and out, then spray painted the whole thing orange. When that dried, I added the Duct tape. I got the really shiny silver, hoping to make it reflective. Finally, I painted on all of the details.

For Emett’s name tag, I just enlarged and printed off of a picture from the actual Emett and glued it to some cardboard.

I used the same spray paint from the body to paint some old sweatpants that my son had so that it would match perfectly.

The hands were something I decided to do last minute. I really didn’t want to bother with them, but my son and husband thought that was really important. I tried to make them out of Styrofoam but failed miserably. I ended up using an oatmeal container and a bread crumbs container. The smaller bread crumbs container was used for the wrists, the oatmeal container for the hands.

I was so excited with how this costume turned out! I couldn’t wait to take him out in it. The only problem was that he could not sit down in it. Fortunately, it was pretty easy to put on and take off. We went to a fall festival, and he got so much attention. He loved it! He thought he was so cool; many people asked to take his picture! Even adults posed with him. We taught him to wave at everyone with his Lego hand. He was a rock star!

Trick-or-treating got a little tricky. He could not really see his feet, so he needed help going up and down steps. But again, everyone loved his costume! People would yell for Emmet down the street and he would wave. My son loved it!

This is a costume I will never be able to top, everything was awesome!

Awesome Lego Movie Emmet Costume for a Child

Awesome Lego Movie Emmet Costume for a Child

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