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Coolest Homemade Grinch Halloween Costume Idea 6

by Shannon M
(Fairfax, VA, USA)

Homemade Grinch Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Grinch Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Grinch Halloween Costume Idea
Homemade Grinch Halloween Costume Idea
Homemade Grinch Halloween Costume Idea

This Homemade Grinch Halloween Costume Idea was the perfect costume for me! Not only do I love the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, but I love homemade Halloween costumes so I was up for the challenge of making this one as realistic as possible.

I found some great faux fur fabric on amazon which was the PERFECT olive green. I used the fabric to sew pants as form fitting as possible to look like Grinch legs. I also used the fabric to make his signature hands with the long fingers and as hair peaking out of the bottom of the Santa hat. I found some white fur at the fabric store, used to make the top of his elf shoes and some bells for the point of the toe.

I made a Santa jacket to fit my little frame, stuffed a pillow in my pants for his larger belly, and that completed the outfit! Most importantly though was the face! I purchased yellow contacts, long eyelashes and a prosthetic Who Nose from FX Warehouse. My friend is an artist and she was able to apply the nose to my face and paint it to look JUST like the Grinch! I have never had more fun on Halloween! Hope you like it.

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by: cathleen

this costume is INCREDIBLE! you deserve to win for sure!

by: chuck

this costume is bootyful to say the least!!!

face makeup
by: Anonymous

What type of facemakeup did you use?

by: Emily Feeman

hi i live in Kansas and my school is doing a Broadway musical, and its my job to get the Grinch costume, and i want to get the best and cheapest one possible, so i really need help,and this looks soo amazing im 14 and i was just wondering if you could help me in any way.
Thank you

@ Emily Feeman
by: Shannon

I would just order a Santa costume for the top. Purchase it over sized so you can stuff the belly with a pillow. For the bottom I made the pants out of faux green fur I purchased online. I also sewed the hands and the hair from this fabric. I purchased this prosthetic nose to make me look like a Who.
I had a friend paint my face so I can't really say what types of paint she used. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions!

by: Justin

Shannon how many yards did it take in order to make the costume. I am directing How The Grinch Stole Christmas for my church.

Amazon Question
by: Gloria

Don't know if you still read these, but I just purchased the olive green fur from Amazon and the picture it showed looked a lot more green. The product I just got looks more yellowish with a tint of green. Did you order thru the fabric empire on Amazon?

Thank you,

Question About Amazon
by: Gloria

Did you order through the Fabric Empire on Amazon? I just purchased the olive green fur through them and it does not look like the picture it showed. It looks almost yellow. Not sure if you still read these but if you do, I would appreciate your help!


by: Shannon

I can't remember if I got it off of Amazon or Etsy. I remember I was deciding between the two. Try Etsy. I searched "green faux fur" and a lot comes up at decent prices.

by: Natalie

Did you use a sewing machine or did you sew that by hand? I am trying to figure out how to make this costume and don't know where to start. LOL!

The hands
by: Deena

Did you use a pattern to make the hands? If so, did you make it yourself or use one you got somewhere else? If you got it somewhere else, where? Thank you.

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The Grinch and Cyndi Lou Who Costumes 4

by Julie
(Kennewick Wa)

The Grinch and Cyndi Lou Who Costumes

The Grinch and Cyndi Lou Who Costumes

The Grinch was a Santa suit pattern and then we made green fur pants and gloves and a small piece for chest hair. We then painted his face green and added black detail lines.

Cyndi we found a fabric that was so close to her dress in the movie and made it out of a pattern. Then we made a red robe with the pom poms. We found some pink mittens and red tights. I used crayola air clay because it is light and made the donuts and candy and cocoa cup. I glued the food to a plastic plate and attached it to her dress then attached the mug and candy to a hair clip to put on her head.

My daughter's hair was not long enough so I bought fake hair and braided it and attached it to her own hair with a rubber band. She looked so cute!

Comments for The Grinch and Cyndi Lou Who Costumes 4

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by: Anonymous

what a great idea!! We love the movie and looking for ideas on how to recreate. I think we will follow your lead.

by: Anonymous

sooo cute!

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Coolest Homemade Grinch Who Stole Christmas Costume 2

by Brenda C.
(Huntington Beach, California)

Homemade Grinch Who Stole Christmas Costume

Homemade Grinch Who Stole Christmas Costume

First I bought a Sailor t-shirt at the Dollar store for this Homemade Grinch Who Stole Christmas Costume. I had the gray dress pants I sewed at the knee, to give a dress shorts look. We also had the dress shoes, and bowtie. We used green tights, green thermal shirt, and green gloves to present his arms, legs and hands.

Sprayed his hair green, and painted his face green. Richie was only one year old and, loves this costume. He did not cry when he saw his face and hair green, he loved it. He had the time of his life. Halloween is his favorite time of year, and loves scary things like spiders and masks. Nightmare before Xmas is his favorite movie too.

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Coolest Homemade Grinch Costume 4

by Bobby S.
(Muskogee, OK USA)

Homemade Grinch Costume

Homemade Grinch Costume

The head piece was a cat hood that I cut the ears off and sewed together. The glove covers came with the cat outfit. The suit was fabric that I found on sale at our local "mart" for $1.50 a yard (bought all they had). The body suit is the color you see, the head and gloves were carefully spray painted and combed to get the shape right. I love the lederhosen (bought from a restaurant supply for a couple of bucks!) because it’s when he’s the meanest and doesn’t have to be nice yet!

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Coolest Grinch Costume

by Xanny
(Fontana, CA)

The Grinch

The Grinch

This Grinch costume is 100% handmade, no sewing machine used. Dad made everything using only the faux fur, some wiring (for the hair) and glue.

The nose was sculpted in clay and out of that a mold was made and then the latex nose. The makeup used is just the green and black eye pencil.

Comments for Coolest Grinch Costume

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by: Jennifer from Ontario,Ca.

That is a great costume! You did a really good job making it.

by: Anonymous

That is the best costume ever!

by: peggy


the grinch
by: Anonymous

Brilliant! I love it, its the best I have seen. You must have had a great laugh wearing that!

by: Jessica

Hello~ Trying to make this costume for my son and just like previous post cannot find faux fur, any advice? Also would appreciate ANY pointers on constructing costume, great with a sewing machine but not so much with a glue gun... Thanks in advance~

white plains NY
by: Anonymous

How much would you like for it?

by: Anonymous


by: grinchie

Do you still have this and if so would you consider selling it? If not could you post instructions on how to make it? Thanks

by: grinchietwo

how did you make the mask out of clay?

by: Anonymous

I would like to make this costume. But like the others having trouble locating the material. And do you happen to have any instructions on how you made this. This is so great!

by: Anonymous

Omg that is GREAT.. We are putting on a little play of the Grinch and we are looking for a costume... I was just wondering if you had a pattern or something like that?.. It would be greatly appreciated.

I'm so Jealous!!
by: Blackspotbobby

I really am so jealous!! I would love to have a grinch this great and well done!

Could I buy?!!
by: Dee

If all men were this ingenious

cool costume
by: Anonymous


How can I get this costume?
by: Ann Montesdeoca

I need this Grinch costume. Is there a way I can get it?

by: Anonymous

That is a great costume, I'm trying to figure out how to make my boyfriend a home made Grinch costume this year for Halloween

by: Anonymous

I remember seeing this last year.. Do you still have the costume and are you going to sell it?

Love it!!!!!
by: Joel

this is the best costume i seen. it wonderful....i would really love to make one. I have a party for x-mas and i want to dress as him. i would really appreciate if you tell me how to make it.

by: lisa sharp

Hi im looking for a costume just like this for my sisters little girls birthday party and my brother in law wants to wear it, she loves the gringe could you make me one?? please email me on if interested i am located just outside Glasgow .

it's a winner
by: grinch123

my family participates in a contest every year and this year our daughter is going as the grinch for halloween. we are sure she will win. this picture is a great resource for what we are doing. Thanks!

Too cute!!!
by: BabyKitten199

That is adorable!!! I love it!!

Can we buy?

Love it!!!! Do u make costumes to sell???

by: Anonymous

the Grinch is my favorite movie at Christmas time, i love it, that costume is just pure amazing! Haha im jealous i want one!

Very cool
by: Anonymous

That costume looks really awesome
If your trying to make that you could also check Woolworth they have these fluffy blankets and a few are in a green tone so just check it out

I will PAY
by: Kara

We are doing a holiday party this year and my husband is going to be the Grinch and I will be Cindy Lou Who. Its a Jets football party every year and there is no way I can make a costume like that. I would be willing to PAY for you to make one for me! Let me know

need your help for a grinch
by: Anonymous

We are needing a grinch costume for our school play. Please let me know how to make and get everything. Thank you

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