Coolest Homemade Grinch Wheelchair Costume

Here’s our Grinch wheelchair costume. We try to create very special handmade costumes that are built around our son’s wheelchair. Each year we try to outdo the previous year’s costume. Our neighbors are always anxious for our son’s arrival to see what his costume will look like. We usually spend a few weeks preparing his costumes each year. We try to make everything from scratch.

This year we decided on the Grinch wheelchair costume. We cut a sleigh design out of two pieces of plywood. Painted and then attached to either side of his wheelchair with a wood frame. Red foam board was used to create the front of the sleigh and secured with some trusty red duct tape. Pool noodles painted gold were used for the trim on the sleigh. String lights were attached to either side of the sleigh.

The horn was created from some PVC piping and a funnel cut in half. It was then painted gold. For the bag, we formed a frame out of PVC and tubing for support. Red felt was draped over the frame to simulate the bag. A large metal tray was used to form the opening of the bag and secured in place with Ty-Raps and then trimmed with a thick rope around the opening.

The tray was then filled with some Christmas presents and a tip of a pine tree to simulate a full bag of stolen trees and goods by the Grinch. The bag was then topped with the Grinch’s loyal dog, Max. The mask was made of latex and hand painted. Lime green fur was painted with some dark paint to dull the brightness and make the fur look dirty and worn. The fur was attached to some latex cleaning gloves for the hands. Fur was also stitched to some sweat pants for the legs. Mom created and sewed the Santa jacket, hat and shoes. She then trimmed with white fur.

It took a while to get the Grinch wheelchair costume all together but we were all pretty happy with the result. And most importantly, our son loved it!

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