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Cool Porcelain Doll Makeup and Costume

This costume is my favorite costume that I’ve ever worn. I created it using items I already owned in my closet (yeah, I already owned a creepy doll dress) and just purchased a wig from Amazon. The make-up is what really made the costume. I had to practice several times with a lot of different types of make-up. The top lip is my top lip, the top teeth are my bottom lip, and the rest is drawn on the chin. I got the whole process down to about 15 minutes, so I’ve got a good go to disguise if I’m ever on the run.

I had a ridiculous amount of fun wearing the costume. I was selected to be in a contest for a grand prize of $700 (I already won $300 at a previous contest). I was the only girl not dressed seductively and I was sure I wouldn’t win. Surprisingly, I found out that as an adult, people hate sluts on Halloween. I won the costume contest and then spent the entire rest of the night walking around bars scaring people. There are people out there with a legitimate fear of dolls. I’m not sure how much this makes me relate to serial killers, but being creepy is a blast, but only on Halloween when it’s acceptable.

Cool Porcelain Doll Makeup and Costume

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