Wonderful Wonder Woman Costume

Wonder woman is my all-time favorite super hero. I love making my own Halloween costumes. I guess it comes from my mom, she used to make all our costumes as kids. I loved this costume so much that I’m wearing it again this year I’m going to make a few little adjustments to it.

The red tank top I got a clothing store for $1.50 I drew the wonder women logo on glitter gold foam and hand stitched it to the shirt. The bottoms I found at a clothing store on an end of summer sale for $3 I was lucky to find blue ones. The stars are made out of felt and hand stitched to the bottoms. A few weeks before my dad was given a huge bag full of fabric inside the bag was red, white and blue fabric exactly what I needed to make my cape I cut some glitter red white blue and gold stars and just glued them to my cape with my glue gun.

The Belt was done with felt I drew it, cut it and sew gold fabric around it. The lasso it’s a gold cord I got at the fabric store. The tiara is a princess crown I got at the Dollar store and just glued gold fabric around it and glued a red star. The wristbands are toilet paper rolls cut for opening and glued Gold glitter foam on them. The boots were an old pair of gray boots that I sprayed painted red and just put white tape on them to give them the design like the wonder women boots. I believe the cost to the entire costume was no more than $20.  I’ve gotten so many request from friend, family and strangers asking if I can make this costume for them.

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