My 4 year old daughter decided that she wanted me to be Wonder Woman for Halloween. I decided to make my own costume of Wonder Woman after seeing that the version they had at the Halloween stores were not as exact as the real Wonder Woman. I wanted to look exactly like her. So I started off by getting a plain red tube top with a built in bra to make it easier to put the eagle. I then bought 1 yard of brown vinyl and sprayed it gold (with Krylon gold spray paint). I drew out the eagle template on a white card stock paper.

After cutting out the template I then used it to cut the gold vinyl. I then put the red tube shirt on (this had to be the most difficult part because I didn’t have a mannequin) and before gluing with a hot glue gun, I placed the pieces to make sure they were on the correct place (I had help from my husband for this part). Making sure I didn’t burn myself and to not get glue on the shirt was difficult. After that was done and well glued, I then went on to the belt and did the same thing as the eagle (I cut out the pattern on card stock paper first). I ended up just gluing the top front of the belt onto the shirt so that it wouldn’t stick out and leaving the two flaps loose so I can be able to put it as tight or loose as I wanted. At the ends of the straps I sowed two pieces of Velcro to each strap and that completed my top.

For the bottom piece I found a high waist blue under wear and bought iron on stars (white). The stars didn’t stick too well after trying it on so I had to in and hot glue them back on (this was the easiest part).

As for the cape, Wonder Woman’s cape has a red side then blue and white stripes then another red stripe at the end. I got the pattern from a vampire cape I had from last year’s Halloween. I bought red, blue and white fabric (about 1.5 yard each). I cut out half the cape with red fabric and used that same pattern to cut out the blue and white fabric. I put the red aside and for the blue and white I cut out three strips. I then laid out the red (which is half the cape) then blue strip, white strip, blue strip, etc. I didn’t have a sewing machine with me so I bought iron on adhesive tape. I used that to stick together the edges of each strips. I did that carefully so that they can all be exactly the same length. This part is not so hard you just have to be patient and precise. Before I did the seam, I added a red silk string to each side to be able to tie the cape around my neck. Then I seamed all the edges. I also bought gold, blue and red stars to glue to the cape (Iron on).

I did the head band and the cuffs out of the gold vinyl material. For the head piece I put elastic on the back. For the cuffs I used Velcro at the ends for the closure. And the red stars are iron on stars which I hot glued them because an iron would’ve burnt the vinyl material.

I bought red boots and used white electrical tape to add the stripe in the front of the boots and around the top. I used electrical tape so that it wouldn’t ruin the boot (they are suede). I bought a yard of gold/beige rope, rolled it up and glued it onto the belt.

I went to a Halloween party with my Wonder Woman costume and everyone was amazed. I did my hair just like her and wore blue contacts (my eyes are brown). I acted out scenes from the show and all. I ended up winning first place in the costume contest!! Some lady even asked where I bought my costume and after I told her I made it she was even more amazed. People kept coming up to me telling me they were cheering for me so loud, they were the loudest in the room.

I was proud that my hard work paid off. I worked on this for about two weeks until 12 midnight. I have two little kids and work full time so it was a little challenging but I love creating so I didn’t mind at all. (Some of the steps might be a little confusing but I hope this inspires and helps someone who would want to create their own wonder woman costume).

Thank you so much for your interest in my story!