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50+ Fiercely Fabulous Homemade Wonder Woman Costumes

The future of justice begins with these amazing homemade Wonder Woman costumes. These awesome DIY costumes are inspired by the comics and the phenomenal actresses who brought them to life. When worn, they reveal the Amazonian princess hidden inside all of us. In order to defeat pure evil with wisdom and grace, it’s necessary to construct the perfect outfit. You will see examples of red, white and blue outfits based on Lynda Carter’s ensemble. There is also an incredible version of Gal Gadot’s powerful new look. With a cape or without, these ladies (and one man) are ready to stand up for truth. In addition, Diana’s accessories are of utmost importance. Discover how the women here have constructed their homemade costume accents. It’s all in the details – from their shiny headbands to their bullet proof bracelets. So unfurl your lasso and unleash the Wonder Woman costume inside of you this Halloween!

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