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Easy and Unique DIY Wonder Woman Costume

I am writing to you with great excitement! I am a bride to be and recently had my bachelorette party.  The reason this is so exciting is because I asked all my girlfriends to dress as super heroes BAM! it made my day when they all joined in and got creative! First, super heroes united for drinks, foods, and gifts. Then, we hailed some cabs and went out on the town of northeast Minneapolis. Dressed up to save the night, we had a scavenger hunt that had us interact with many people through out the city.  It was the most fun I have ever had!


Get as much fabric you need for the size cape you want. Fourth of July is good timing for Wonder Women. Fold over one end of the fabric about an inch and sew a straight line  (when you sew you leave room for a ribbon to fit through). Get ribbon and feed through the casing with safety pin. Easy cape.

Shorts: I found short metallic  blue  spandex shorts at Ragstock (you could sew your own etc). The shorts were too short and too plain. I bought some stretch sequin about three inches wide at Joann etc ( near the ribbon you buy by the yard). I sewed this to the bottom of the shorts ( you could hot glue gun it also). I found a Fourth of July undies at Victoria’s Secret and wore them over the shorts  ( you could also cut out stars from felt and hot glue them onto the shorts).

Shirt: I bought a red tank top and gold glitter puff paint. To make things easier, I  put my tank top on my mannequin (put tank top on a cardboard box etc. if you don’t have a mannequin) and drew on the WONDERWOMEN emblem with the gold puff paint  ( Google if you need reference). Dry with hair dryer if in a hurry (I was!).

Accessories: find gold and red jewelry you like. I made a headband using gold spandex fabric from Joann’s (half a yard is plenty) and felt. Cut the shape out of felt and then hot glue/cover with fabric  (you can sew instead of hot glue). Cut felt star or use red puff paint for the star.

Boot covers: my boot covers were the hardest part of the costume. I hand drafted a pattern and then sewed and added eyelets for lace up. I looked at many tutorials to figure this out but it’s easy once you do the research. And add a Lott to the costume ! (an easier version would be coverage less shapely leg warmers).

Shoes: I found these awesome platform boots at Goodwill. I wore them for a hippy go go girl costume, but now they were needed again. I cut out comics of Wonder Women and others and mod podged them onto the boots (lots of top coat layers needed!  The paper comics will crack if there isn’t enough!).

Hair: big rollers and lots of back combing and then smoothing.

Makeup:  red lipstick winged eye and your imagination ! I did some blue eyeliner to and gold. But red glitter coulda shoulda woulda been awesome.

SHAZAM! Hope you like it !

Easy and Unique DIY Wonder Woman Costume

Easy and Unique DIY Wonder Woman Costume

Easy and Unique DIY Wonder Woman Costume

Easy and Unique DIY Wonder Woman Costume

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