Best Ever Homemade Wonder Woman Costume

Even though Wonder Woman is a very popular costume, I knew that no one would have one like mine. I throw a Halloween Costume party because I love costumes. Costumes are voted on by categories in our contest.  My friends could not believe I made every part of my costume and were raving about it all night. I don’t like to win at my own party but there was no competition when it came to the categories of “Best Homemade” and “Overall Best” I couldn’t accept two, so I took Best Homemade because that was what I was most proud of.

If you’re looking for a cheap homemade costume, this is not the one. I always spend way more on costumes, but all extra supplies get stored in my craft area and I’ll use them later.

After much research I modeled my costume after multiple Wonder Womans: comic book and Lynda Carter’s.

I tried to keep it authentic but chose pieces I liked the most.

Store-bought items:

  • Corset was plain red bought off Amazon.
  • Shorts (I felt too exposed in underwear/briefs) off Amazon
  • White Boots off Amazon
  • Foam, paint, material at Hobby Lobby and Michaels.
  • Spray Paint and Lasso is rope from Home Depot

Handmade pieces:

Tiara, cuffs, eagle chest piece, belt and loop, cape.

The chest piece is glued to my corset, the belt was added the day of. (Check Step 1)

My boyfriend (who is a much better spray painter than I ) taped up my boots to where they needed to be white and sprayed the rest candy apple red.

Stars on shorts are pieces I cut out from foam..

The CAPE was the most difficult but my favorite part.  I’m glad I decided to make it.

*MESS UP NOTE: I didn’t realize until looking at pictures later, that I put my belt on upside down. No one noticed at least!

Foam Tiara, Eagle, Belt and Cuffs

The headpiece, chest piece, and belt with loop are all made from foam. I followed many steps from this tutorial I found on Pinterest.

I found that heating wasnt fully necessary for molding but did work. The layer before painting was needed, as I didn’t do this before painting the star or cuffs and they needed many coats as paint soaks into foam. I didn’t use the wax stuff or distress the color either.

The rub n buff really made for a nice golden color.

As most craft foam comes in max 2 ft in length I ordered a large 5 foot one online so my belt was a solid piece around.

I forgot to take pictures of the steps on the belt, but they are basically the same as the other two.

Make your design, copy onto foam, follow steps.

The Cape!

I don’t consider myself a full novice sewer, but I don’t feel I am super skilled in it either. The cape was VERY difficult.

I used this YouTube picture tutorial for guidance:

I used Polysatin material. I did do the French seam for the look. As I didn’t have anything big enough I taped newspaper together to get my cape mapped out. I made a 5×10 foot semicircle. Sewing took many many hours.

I attached foam sticky stars. If I use this cape again, I will glue on my own stars like my shorts, as these stickers ripped my hair out all night.

Everyone loved my cape, and I loved twirling in it!

Best Ever Homemade Wonder Woman Costume

Best Ever Homemade Wonder Woman Costume

Best Ever Homemade Wonder Woman Costume

Best Ever Homemade Wonder Woman Costume

Best Ever Homemade Wonder Woman Costume

Best Ever Homemade Wonder Woman Costume

Best Ever Homemade Wonder Woman Costume

Best Ever Homemade Wonder Woman Costume