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Bling Me Up Wonder Woman Halloween Costume

This year, I wanted to be Wonder Woman but with Wonder woman being so popular I wanted to be original.  The annual Halloween party I go to actually had a Wonder Woman last year so of course I had to be original.  I started searching for ideas and took everyone’s ideas they did and combined them to make my own.  My original idea was a red leotard with Blue Cheer bloomers.  I ordered both of those along with some FABULOUS red boots and started the real work.  Everyone on the internet was using poster board or other things like that but I wanted to have originality and some bling!

I went to Hobby Lobby with intentions of buying gold lama and was planning on sewing that around pieces of felt and being done.  However, the felt was 5.99 per yard and the lama was 9.99 per yard.  I was trying to keep the cost down as much as possible considering the leotard, shorts, and boots had already cost me $50.  So, I just got a yard of gold felt, 2 sparkly white squares of white felt, 1 red square of felt, 2 packages of gold sequins, 1 pack of gold beads, 1 pack of small red sequins, and a pack of white sequins.  I came home and cut the length of felt to measure my waist and folded it over.  I started my mission………… J  It took me two weeks to get it done which meant in that time I wasn’t able to lose the ten pds I wanted to in order to wear the costume. LOL! So, I decided Soffee shorts would be much more appropriate since I hadn’t done anything to lose weight in those two weeks.  Besides, I would be more comfortable in shorts.  I ran out of gold sequins and ended up buying 3 more packages I think.  For the belt, I sewed all the sequins with beads as well.  For the rest, I was limited on time so I just sewed the sequins on and honestly, I think it looks better like that.  For the Wonder woman logo, I just googled clip art and printed it out. I traced it on the yellow felt and sewed them on.  I do not have a sewing machine or even a good working pair of scissors for that matter.  It was all done by winging it.  For the stars, I just hot clued the glittery white felt stars on the shorts.  For the red stars I drew the stars on the felt and cut them out then sewed the sequins on them.  That was the hardest part out of all of it.

To hold it all on, I didn’t want to sew it of course or hot glue it so I did Velcro.  Since I never did try ANYTHING on before having to leave, my belt was a little too big but other than that, it was all good.  I just hot glued the Velcro on all the pieces and it was done.

The night before my party, I had ran out of gold sequins around 1:00 a.m. Walmart does not have the larger size of sequins in case you ever wondered.  Therefore, I couldn’t finish it but woke up that Saturday am and ran to Hobby Lobby.  Since I still didn’t even have the belt completely done I went ahead and cheated and bought the 3 inch sequins band for my head band.  I knew it wouldn’t get done.  I came home and sewed as much as I could and headed for a wedding while sewing the entire way.  On the way home from the wedding I am still sewing with the light on in the car since it was after 8:00 pm.  I got home and finished it all up, glued on the Velcro and prayed for the best.  I went to change at 9:00 and left the house at 9:15.

Oh, the wig I got from Amazon.  It was only like $8, sufficient for what I needed.  All and all I was impressed and everyone loved it.  And, I got me some fabulous red boots I will probably never have the nerve to wear in public but they do look really good in my closet.

Bling Me Up Wonder Woman Halloween Costume

Bling Me Up Wonder Woman Halloween Costume

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