I have wanted to do this costume since last Halloween. I thought it was the funniest costume idea and I was able to combine my love for both Stevie Wonder and Wonder Woman.

I started with the red corset. I purchased it on E-bay for super cheap and the quality was amazing. I made the wonder woman logo out of black felt and sparkle gold fabric sheets. I found a Wonder Woman logo I liked online and used that as a guide. I then sewed the gold fabric to the black felt to create the Wonder Woman logo on my corset. This was very hard to sew but was worth it! Each fabric sheet is the size of a piece of paper and you can find them in the craft section at Michaels. They are crazy cheap, just a $1.50 a sheet.

I used the same gold fabric sheets to make my gauntlets and head piece. I used a template I found online to make my head piece and the gauntlets I made using my arms as a guide. Once the gauntlets were cut out to fit my arm I punched holes through the fabric so I could lace up each gauntlet.

For the bottoms, I bought a pair of royal blue adult cheer leading shorts from amazon.com and sewed white stars on the front of the shorts. These shorts were also very cheap and really made my costume look authentic. I wanted my feet to be comfortable so I found some Wonder Woman socks that looked like her boots and wore them with a pair of flats that I spray painted red and white to match my socks.

Finally, I added the Stevie Wonder flare by getting an awesome wig, my black sunglasses and I made a blind person’s cane using a dowel and spray paint. I have never had so much fun with a costume. It was an epic Halloween.