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Very Cool Beetlejuice Ghost Couple Costume

My boyfriend and I love watching scary movies together, so we made our own costumes after the couple from Beetlejuice! This is our first Halloween together and we wanted to make sure we would always remember it. We figured we could save money (and have a lot more fun) by finding our own materials and making the costumes ourselves!

We used newspaper, ModgePodge, cardboard and masking tape to form the shape of the masks. For his, we bought a plastic mask to use as the base and then built off of it. We also used filled a rubber glove with cotton balls to make the hand on top of his mask!

From there it was detail work – we used styrofoam for the eyeballs and clay for teeth. We held everything down with hot glue and painted it in acrylic. The tongue was made out of tape and a sock. The clothes were thrifted:)

I don’t think we’ll forget it. Beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice!

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