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The Demon Costume from KISS

So I’m a 45 yr old KISS fanatic.I eat, sleep, live, KISS. I saw them when I was 13 and that was it. I must of said more than a 1000 time that I wanna be Gene Simmons, “The Demon” and my wife finally said ,” Just do it already!”So a couple of weeks before Halloween my wife and I went to Michaels Craft store to buy styrofoam, black pleather, grey and black spray paint, large thumb tacks, black tights,velcro, chain, a large key ring, glue, and black gorilla tape. I am a contractor by trade so I had some flashing to use for my costume. My wife made a jacket and belt by sewing the black pleather. We hammered the thumb tacks onto the jacket and belt to look like studs. I took an old jock strap and painted it black, wrapped it in the black pleather and studded it out with the thumb tacks for a bottom piece to go over the tights. My wife also cut out bat wings that she made with the black pleather and gorilla tape, then sewed it on to jacket peice. I took roof flashing and cut shoulder peices out of them, hammering them to make a curve over my shoulders. Then carving the styrofoam to look like horns and spray painting them grey. Then took velcro strips to adhere to my shoulders over my jacket. I also took long peices of roof flashing and hand bent it to go around my legs like tall shin gaurds. I painted them to look scaley.I bought 6″ platform black boots on line for $60.00 and my wife painted the shoe part to look like dragons. I cut holes in the flashing and slipped velcro strips to tie on my legs.I also cut the flashing into long triangles and hammered them to the bottom of the boots to look like teeth. I bought a black wig, some black gloves with the fingers cut off, black and white make up, and black nail polish.

So the black tights went on first and over that was the moddified jock strap. A black shirt under pleather jacket ripped to see chest area. Jacket over shirt with chain cut and re linked into jacket with key ring in center of chest. Shoulder metal velcroed to shoulders. Make up and wig done by my wife perfectly. Boots put on with scale flashing leg guards over boot/ leg.

Love it! I look just like him. My wife and I went to a Halloween Party that was sponsered by a local radio station. my butt was grabbed constantly. Everyone wanted pictures with me. I am a part time actor and gave a spectacular performance. Now I know what it is like to be him, oh it was great! My wife thought it was great too. The only thing that was the hardest part was walking in those 6″ platform shoes for over 4 hours. Now I know how you women feel to walk around in heels all day.

I would be Gene Simmons any day!

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