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Spartan Warrior Costume for a Boy

Here’s my son’s Spartan costume. I always wanted something unique, especially DIY costumes for my kids and especially now that they can’t decide or go for whatever they like, like the usual Spiderman, transformers; that my son loves so much! My husband loves PS3 games especially God of War so thats how we end up with it.

Here in the Philippines, you can’t find GOW costume. My super creative and resourceful sister has more spare rubber like stuff in black. She just cut them glued, just add gold accents, I made the whole makeup for him; body painted his face and of course, abs.

People loved it! I liked it too since it was comfortable for him so he won’t be cranky, so there you go; meet Kratos! On the other picture, with her 2 yrs old sister helping me put things together for her brother.

Spartan Warrior Costume for a Boy

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