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Immortals Spartan Gods Group Costume

This New Years Eve a group of my friends wanted to go out as the Spartan Gods from the film Immortals. As the film hadn’t been out very long they couldn’t find anything suitable at any costume shops so they came to me. Having made one of them a King Leonidas outfit when 300 came out they new I was the girl for the job.

With some gold lame and red felt I sewed the foustaneles (skirts). I didn’t have any of the lads measurements so I sewed a strip of red Lycra inside the waist band so I could tie them at the back making them adjustable to any size. I then drew, traced and cut out all the armour pieces from corrugated cardboard. Making sure they were all the correct way on the card for corrugated to create the curves when bent/rolled. This took the most time as I was making 6 costumes and each one had 2 leg guards, 2 arm guards, 1 set of shoulder pads (which looked like a loo seat when cut out), a piece of armour on the front of the waist band and 2 circular disks on the shoulders to cover the corners and hold the cape in place.

Using good old PVA glue I then coated each cardboard piece and glued it to more gold lame. After being left on the big sheets of lame to dry over night I then cut each piece out again. The final stage was to string it all together. I sewed the piece of armour to the front of the foustaneles (skirts), these were now complete. Using a bradawl I made holes up the sides of the leg and arm guards then threaded them with strips of red Lycra in a crisscross, these were now complete.

Finally again using the bradawl again I punched 2 holes in the front and 2 holes in the back and threaded the shoulder pads with 2 long strips of red Lycra, 1 over the top of each shoulder (these were tied under the armpits). I cut a piece of the gold lame and stapled it at the corners just before the first holes so that it covered the red straps over the shoulders. I then glued the circular disks over the corners and stapled again for extra security. Then I glued some gold gems over the staples to make it look neater.

I finished the outfits  with plastic roman swords and silver tridents (devil forks with paper maché to make them pointier, and then spray painted silver).

The guys got so many compliments on there night out they have made me their official costume maker.

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