These Sugar Skulls costumes were a super last minute costume choice for my friend and I. We were actually going to a costume party that night, and the costumes we ordered online never came in the mail.

To make the costumes…

  • We went to the costume store and bought face makeup. Black, pink, and white is all you need!
  • We went to the dollar store and bought three different colored flowers – white, blue, and pink roses.
  • We then hot glue-gunned the flowers on old plastic headbands.
  • I wore a tutu and lace top I already owned.  I also wore black combat boots to make my costume a little more edgy.  My friend wore a black corset with black shorts.

You don’t need to be skilled with a glue gun and you most certainly don’t need to be a makeup expert to complete the look. Different colored flowers, tutus, or shorts can be replaced. The more creativity the better with this one. This can be an individual or group costume idea!