I was inspired by a photo I seen on Pinterest, the remarkable beauty yet frightfully scary appearance was amazing to me. I was on a mission to make this costume for Halloween. This costume was stunning yet scary enough to scare the poor little trick or treaters. It cost approx $15.00 to make and just a couple of hours of my time.

I went to thrift shops and picked out some flower roses and leaves in their dried/ plastic flower section. I looked for black/red feathers and could only find these in a boa. I purchased two at Walmart; one of each color. I also picked up two head bands and glue gunned the flowers and feathers to the headband; making a nice arrangement with red and purple flowers/roses which captivated the publics eye by it’s scary beauty.

I hot glued individual roses and flowers to individual barrette clips; to clip on the top of the halter top. Nice and convenient to clip on/ clip off of any piece of clothing and use next year. I used regular halloween makeup and black eyeliner for the look. The stitches on the lips were surreal and had people and kids talking and pointing. It was funny to hear people say, ” How can she eat and drink with her lips like that?”

I just made thin lines down my lips with eye liner to look like stitches.

This costume was really easy and quick to make. I used alot of white face paint for my face and upper torso. It was difficult to get the right amount of white paint covering the face,neck, and part of upper toro. I made this in a couple of hours and wore it for Halloween evening. The public loved it. I had a lot of , “wow” compliments. This is one of the best last minute costumes I have made. I plan to wear it again in the future.