Dia de los Muertos Costume and Makeup

Dia de los Muertos Costume and Makeup

I was inspired by a photo I seen on Pinterest, the remarkable beauty yet frightfully scary appearance was amazing to me. I was on a mission to make this costume for Halloween. This costume was stunning yet scary enough to scare the poor little trick or treaters. It cost approx $15.00 to make and just a … Read more

Coolest Raggedy Ann Costume

My Raggedy Ann Costume

I have always loved Raggedy Ann even as a little girl. I decided to make the Raggedy Ann costume from just going to a thrift store and picking up a few things needed to make this costume. I bought a blouse that resembled the dress she wears with the blue flower design, a skirt that … Read more

Coolest Homemade Headless Bride Halloween Costume

Homemade Headless Bride Halloween Costume

I took a lot of time to make this Homemade Headless Bride Halloween Costume. I looked online and did some research on ideas for this costume. I found one on Instructables “ Headless bride from Duct Tape”. I chose this one for a challenge and it took 3 weeks to make this. I had followed … Read more

Coolest Homemade Cleopatra Costume

Homemade Cleopatra Costume

I wanted to be Cleopatra this year. This Homemade Cleopatra Costume was a BIG HIT. I made the Cleopatra Head Piece from scratch. I got a belt, cut it to fit around my head and used Velcro, putting some on both the open ends of the fitted belt to secure it around my head. I … Read more