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Coolest Homemade Cleopatra Costume

I wanted to be Cleopatra this year. This Homemade Cleopatra Costume was a BIG HIT.

I made the Cleopatra Head Piece from scratch.
I got a belt, cut it to fit around my head and used Velcro, putting some on both the open ends of the fitted belt to secure it around my head. I
painted it with Enamel Metallic Gold paint. I
bought the red and diamond-like jewels from the $$$ store and glued them on with the glue gun. I then cut strands of beads from a long 9′ Christmas strand of gold beads that I bought from Salvation Army for a buck.

I then strongly glue-gunned the beads, attaching them to the inside of the headband. Next, I took another piece of the belt and attached it to the front and made a snake with felt tongue and two red beads for eyes. I used a Styrofoam head to hold it up as I worked on it but took it off to attach the beads to the inside of the belt.

I used black hair spray paint on my hair. My makeup was also bought from the $$$ store. I bought shimmering Gold and a shimmering Turquois color for my eyes.

I looked up online a picture of Liz Taylor in “Cleopatra” and did my eyes like hers. I got
fake eyelashes, which I have never worn in my life.

The sandals I bought from a second-hand store and painted them with the same Metallic Gold paint. I used Shiny gold Christmas ribbon and wrapped it criss-cross up my leg.

The robe-like attire was borrowed from my friend.
I bought some long dangling earrings from Walmart for $5.00. They fit the whole costume which was a HIT!

 Cleopatra Costume

 Cleopatra Costume

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  1. EXCELLENT description of making the outfit.
    I love the headband and how you made it.
    Very very very awesome.
    Very original

    Hope you win


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