Coming up with a theme for my three kids is always the best part of Halloween. I can never get my oldest to go along with any of my ideas so I am usually stuck coming up with a theme that works for a little boy and a little girl. This beautiful homemade Cleopatra and mummy kid’s couple costume was one of my favorites!

Cleopatra or an Egyptian princess and of course…a MUMMY!

I started with a women’s white shirt and that I found at Goodwill (my favorite store, especially at Halloween time).  The shirt was long enough that I knew it would double as a dress for my 7 year old daughter. The shirt already had some gold detail along the neckline so it was perfect.  Next I found some inexpensive teal colored sheer fabric and sewed it onto the dress to make a cape like feature. This cape attached to gold cufflets that I made from cutting the cuffs off of a women’s shiny gold shirt.

After adding a black wig, gold belted headpiece (made from an old metal belt), gold costume jewelry, and some fun black eyeliner the costume was complete!

The Mummy took some time, but I basically took long underwear, both a long sleeve top and pants and sewed on old cheap off white strips of cloth all over them.  The nice thing is you didn’t have to be super particular because it is a mummy and it can look messy if you want.  Key:  Either pin cloth strips on while child is wearing the long underwear or sew them on loosely, if you don’t you end up with it so tight they can’t pull the outfit on.

Check out my cuties!