For this Sugar Skulls (Cross Bone Blondes) costumes I started with the top (bra).

I went to michaels and got fake flowers in assorted colors (red, white, pink, deep purple), variety of lace, studs, and felt to cut out small skulls to add detail. I also looked in the scrapbooking eisle and got some paper skull hands and flowers ($30). When i got home i took two pink bras, my hot glue gun and the materials i had purchased. I arranged the flowers untill they were placed in the most attractive way fitting on the bra. Accesorised with the studs and lace untill the bra pattern was covered. And put one skull hand on each bra on one side to tie the whole thing together.

For the head band, i bought a three pack of plastic thin brown headband from target ($3). Took the leftover flowers, glue gun and metal plyers. Curing the flower stem (metal) around the headband untill it felt secure, and hot gluing for added security. Continue with two more flowers and set aside to cool.

Simply paired with a white cotton white skater skirt (already owned) but at: (forever 21, $15)

For the face makeup: Just get face paint crayons and draw a circle of color around one eye, lines and swirls to fill that side of the face. Dark eyemakeup to complete the look!

So fun, easy and had so many compliments!! It was a blast being half scary with still being sexy and sweet! Bring out your best and your bad side in this number.