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Sexy and Scary Jig Saw Costume for Girls

Last year on Halloween day I made my costume. How stressful, right? Well I wasn’t originally planning on dressing up, let alone even go out. Well after hours and hours of searching for even the littlest costume, I ended up just trying to create my own. Granted I’m sure many people have done this, but I have yet to see any.

I wanted something cute, but scary. I could be like every young adult girl and be a bunny or a cat ‘meow’, but I would rather not dress up like everyone else. I had to think of something. I even tried making a Chucky’s Bride Costume, ya, that did not work out as well as I planned. I was absolutely so frustrated I was throwing a fit. I tried the chainsaw massacre, Chucky, the Joker, I even attempted It. Yes, the scary killing clown that has to this day still has me crying just at the sight of a clown.

I’m not even entirely sure how I even came up with Jig Saw. At first I thought for sure it wouldn’t work out what so ever. The only thing I bought was ribbon for the bow. Everything else I had at home already so it was perfect. Trying to get everything as perfect or at the least looking good was hard. I kept thinking everything looked wrong nothing was working out for me. I showered and restarted. I loved the way it turned out, I would have to say it looked just about perfect.

The compliments were phenomenal. No one had anything negative to say. I loved how all eyes were on me for even a second. My absolute favorite compliment has to be from my best friend and she said ‘I don’t know whether or not I should be afraid or think it’s hot, either way it’s sexy’. Anyways, I really hope you enjoy my costume as much as I did.

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