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Sexy Peacock Homemade Costume

After looking online for “sexy” Halloween costumes, I decided that they all looked the same and wanted to be something a bit more creative this year. I looked for peacock costume ideas online, but didn’t really like one in particular, so I decided to just put something together myself and hope it looked okay.

I started by buying real peacock feathers at Hobby Lobby for $1 each. I think I have about 12 in the tail. Just remember, the more you have, the heavier the tail becomes. I started out with a fan shaped piece of cardboard to which I fanned the feathers out and used a glue gun to attach the feathers to the cardboard. I knew that I would be tucking this under my bra in the back, so I glued a piece of material around the bottom part so it was comfortable lying flat against my back. I tucked it into the back of my bra and it stayed in place all night.

I bought peacock earrings on ebay for $5 and bought some extra feathers to make a garter and headband (not in the pic). I bought a cheap garter; spray painted it black and glued 4 feathers to it.

For my eye, I took a feather and cut it and used eyelash glue to attach it to my eyebrow. It worked great and stayed all night. The makeup I used is called the 120 Palette. This is the most vibrant eye makeup I have ever used and is $20 on ebay (wet the brush to get the brightest color). I added a few gemstones to my face and was ready to go. I hope you like it!

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