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Coolest Peacock Costume

I actually looked at this site before I started designing for some ideas. This site is so helpful! This Homemade Peacock Costume was by far my favorite costume I’ve ever worn. I got tons of compliments on it and random strangers always wanted my picture.

This is the best part. The key is making it tall. The taller it is, the more you stand out! This takes some preparation weeks in advance as the feathers should be ordered online. Order at LEAST 3 weeks before Halloween. I ordered mine Oct 14th and they weren’t delivered until Oct 27th! I used an online feather store as buying in bulk is cheaper than buying at a store.

I ordered 100 30-35’ natural peacock tail feathers as well as 100 plumage feathers that were dyed. I bought a long piece of cardboard as the base of the tail. I used 4 peacock tails per “stalk”. I just attached all 4 with tape at the bottom (as no one sees this). Stagger them to get the height and show off each peacock eye. The more you use the taller it will be.

I hot glued the eyes to the one behind it to keep it secure. I had about 14 stalks in total in my tail (about 48 feathers….4 per stalk). You want to keep it only as wide as your shoulders as you will find it hard to maneuver throughout crowds. Keep them close together to get that full lush effect.

I glued each stalk to the cardboard in a fan shape with hot glue and used packing tape for reinforcement. I added stick on crystals to the center of each peacock eye to give it sparkle (bought at Michael’s). I then trimmed the cardboard into a shield shape that could be easily inserted into the back of my dress. Having a removable tail is very important if you plan on being in a car at any point in the night!

I covered the cardboard with a plastic blue table cloth I bought at Michael’s so it didn’t look tacky from behind. Any blue material will work if you have fabric available, or felt.

I purchased a blue dress at Forever 21. It was cheap and a perfect color. I tried to find a black corset originally but they are expensive. I used the remaining feathers I bought from the original 100 for the dress. I just trimmed the eye off each and hot glued it to the dress about 6-7 in each row. Have the top row spill over the top of the dress for a feathered dramatic look.

Halfway down the dress I turned the eyes upside down to give it a “motion” look. I would suggest using more though as throughout the night the upside down feathers got a frayed look and I felt my dress had open spots that I wish I could have inserted more feathers.

I made my own necklace, hairpiece, and earrings. The necklace I made from a dark blue ribbon I bought at Michael’s. I also bought a pendant there that I strung through it. Michael’s always has a selection of loose beads and pendants. I just found one that was green and blue. The earrings I used hoops I had that had a center black hoop.

I hot glued the plumage feathers in two rows along the center black hoop. I then placed blue crystals along the feathers and up the remainder of the hoop. Use tweezers to place the crystals as they are hard to handle. I also used hot glue. Try using a toothpick or Q-tip to place the glue for more accuracy and less mess.

The headpiece I used a circular clip I bought at Walgreens. I glued two rows of plumage feathers all around it. I then glued silver and blue crystals in the center to cover up the gray parts of the feathers and to give it a glittery look. I used tweezers to place the crystals.

I did a poof style at the front that was teased. I pulled it back into a half up style. The remaining hair I curled and pulled back with a clip. Use lots of hairspray!

I used Cover Girl eye shadow “Tropical Fusion”. I used the blue portion to cover my lids then I used a dark purple shade I already had in the crease. I put on black feathered lashes called “Wicked Black” I bought at Spirit of Halloween. I then brushed on blue glitter on my lids made by Wet N’ Wild. I then used a Q-tip to dab on eyelash glue where I wanted to put crystals on my face.

I used dark blue ones from Michael’s, 3 around each eye, and one on each inner corner of my eye. I also painted my fingernails and toenails with a peacock blue nail polish called “Saved by the Blue” by Wet N’ Wild.

The preparation of the costume took more time than actually making it. Just buy the feathers online weeks in advance and use long ones…at least 30-35’. The actual putting together of the costume I did most of in one night, in about 5 hours. I did finishing touches the next night.

Good luck and Happy Halloween!

Homemade Peacock Costume

Homemade Peacock Costume

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  1. what an original idea!!!! you look absolutely STUNNING!!! I love everything from the feathers on your head, your makeup and all the way to your toes! You really put your thoughts into this one!! one talented lady I must say :)


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