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Homemade Peacock Blocker Costume

Last year for Halloween I handmade a peacock costume to wear. Later in the year I was going on a Super Hero costume and came up with the idea to turn my peacock costume into a “Peacock Blocker” costume. My motto was to Block the bad clearing way for the good.

For the tail, I ordered about 50 feathers online and arranged them in a tail formation and then hot glued them onto a wide black belt. This was very convenient because I could then take my feathers off when needed.

The shield was very easy as well. I simply cut a piece of cardboard into the shape of a shield, painted it, used a paint marker to write the motto, and used glue and glitter to snaz up the edges. I put two straps on the back of the shield to slip my arm through to carry for the night.

For the rest of the outfit, I just looked in my closet for the most cartoon character type stuff I could find like a glittery shirt and a blue wig.

The fun part of the night was going out and “Peacock Blocking”. If I saw a girl being hit on a guy that she clearly didn’t want to be bothered with I would make him move along clearing way for the good guys to come along.

Homemade Peacock Blocker Costume

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